The Characters of the DC Universe.

DC Universe - One Year Later

This RP thread is probably one of the most popular RP threads on the forum. It focuses on modern times DC and has its RP'ers tell the stories of Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice Leauge. It was created by user Robin183 after the success of his last thread DC/Marvel. 


The story begins with the assassin Deathstroke hired to kill the Golden Age Villain Mr. Banjo, after success he flies to Gotham City where Commissioner James Gordon is told of a bank robbery involving a hostage situation one of which is the mayor. Meanwhile, Batman arrives to the bank with his former side-kicks Tim Drake now known as Red Robin and Cassandra Cain the Black Bat acommpany him. Deathstroke ambushes them during the hostage situation. As Gordon, Batman, Robin, and Black Bat fight the assassin, he retreats sustaining injuries. Cassandra reveals to Robin that she is searching for her mother and needs Drake's help, he agrees. Deathstroke's healing factor slowly recovers his wounds and he once again strikes and this time the GCPD and commits a mass murder on the Police Force (Retconned to fit in with Slade's moral code) Slade and the Batman fight and lead to a stale mate as Slade runs. Cassandra Cain then finds Slade and they run in the sewer systems of Gotham, Slade reveals his relation with her father and offers her apprenticeship. Cassandra refuses as Slade escapes as he heads towards Metropolis targeting Superman.

Meanwhile, Supergirl finishing her game of paddle ball, flies to Jimmy Olsen to give him a Christmas preasent and quickly flies away until she hears gunshot. She encounters the assassin Deathstroke, armed with kryptonite bullets, Supergirl with her incredible strenght and speed, quickly uprehends the mercenary until he pulls releases all the bullets from his clip causing Supergirl to weaken and fall. Deathstroke, looking for Superman, leaves Supergirl to die until he is stopped by Catwoman, Deathstroke due to his injuries retreats while Catwoman rescues Supergirl. While in Gotham City, Kiler Croc escapes Arkham Asylum and feasts on the Gotham Zoo, Red Robin and Black Bat go to investigate. The Joker's son, Chuck meets with the criminal Killer Croc and strikes a deal. That night, fireworks burst through the sky as it is a new year. The first arc begins starring the Society of Villains.

But all of this is lesser of importance compared to Joker's drugged up misadventures, as he travels round the city, going from one situation to another, while being joined by guest stars such as Batman, Huntress, and the Flash. This was in Payne's run on "Joker" which was a cancelled issue and worked better in TJ's Batman Titles.

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