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 Supergirl is a superheroine accredited with thousands of feats of bravery, strength, awesomeitude, and pizzazz. There is no character in DC Year Later worth mentioning, especially since nearly all the Chuck Norris facts apply to her, if not all of them. Supergirl counted to infinity twice. She does not sleep, she waits. She can literally strangle you with a cordless phone. She can stare at the sun and make it go blind. She doesn't dial the wrong number, you answer the wrong phone.  There isn't a single one of them that doesn't apply to her, unlike the real life Chuck Norris. I mean, when you try and throw a punch at her, her pure force breaks your bones in a wave of kinetic energy that first shatters the knuckles along with the fingers, then spreads to your wrist, driving your hand through your arm until it comes out of your shoulder. It's a known fact that if you try to delete this wikia page, the attempt itself deletes you from existence. Even your own mother won't remember you anymore. 

Why she is so awesome.Edit

Most of you already know I'm awesome, so I don't really need to get into depth. Anyway, I'm awesome.

–- Supergirl

Her name is Kara Zor-El. She came from a planet from yours, she journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you and look there! Here comes her fist in your face. If she's not feeling like reaching your sorry self, she'll zap you with a heatray or encase you in a block of ice. It helps that she has super hearing and X-Ray vision. Even if by some miniscule chance she didn't win and take you off to jail, she could simply fly around Earth a few times to go back in time and try again, so it's clear it's impossible to ever cause trouble and get out of it when she's around. 

Even if she's actually older than Superman himself and was around in the days when his diapers weren't changed by Lois Lane, by virtue of her awesomeness she looks way younger than he ever will. When her parents sent her away on a rocket as Superman himself was, it happened to get sidetracked by a meteor, so she arrived on Earth years after he did. A brief period of getting used to her new planet, meeting up with her cousin, training with Wonder Woman, she once went around undercover using the alias of Vanellope both for the purpose of fun and to spy on her enemies, and other ordinary events was interrupted by some troubles forged by Darkseid. After he was sufficiently taken care of, she became Supergirl. That is but a mediocre snippet of her awesome origin story.

Plus as a blonde it gives her super intelligence a super boost.


Besides her aforementioned relations, Supergirl has a super cool brother by the name of Billy (no other super powers at the moment), who enjoys killing things.

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